Our unique alternative to traditional student loans
With income share agreements (ISAs), you get funding up front in exchange for a percentage of your future income. Your payments drop to $0 if you lose your job or earn less than $30K.

Only pay when you're employed
Our ISAs are affordable by design, include a four-month grace period, and payments are calculated based on what you actually earn.
Sixty payments and you're done
Your obligations end after sixty monthly payments, even if you've paid back less than you were given.
Opportunities to defer (or pay $0)
You can defer your ISA payments if you take time off from the workforce, and if you lose your job or earn less than $30K your payments drop to $0.
Early repayment opportunities
You can always pay off your ISA early by paying up to our progressive cap, something unique to Avenify ISAs. Just another way we protect you.
No credit score? No problem.
We set your terms based on your academic performance, program-level data, and historical alumni data to evaluate you based on your future earning potential, not your credit score.
Invested in you. We win when you win.
The more successful you are, the more successful we are, which is why we'll help you graduate school, pass the NCLEX, and land your dream job.
Questions? Shoot us a text.
To chat with our team, send us an email at [email protected], or shoot us a text at (240) 635-8299
Get pre-approved in less than five minutes
No credit score or cosigner required