We hate student loans too.
So we made something better.

Avenify offers Income Share Agreements (ISAs) as an alternative to student loans.Rather than pay back a fixed principal with interest, borrowers pay a fixed percentage of their income each month.

What goes into an ISA?

Most ISAs on the market contain four key items: the principal, the income share, the payment term, and the payment cap. If you'd like to learn more! 

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Funding amount (principal)

The Principal is the amount of funds you will receive per academic semester plus any funding charges.

Income share

The Income Share is the percent of your total earned income that you will share each month.

Payment Term 

The Payment Term is the maximum number of months during which you will share your income.

Payment Cap 

The Payment Cap is the maximum amount you will pay over the Payment Term.

Our standard terms

Income Share


The Income Share is determined by a variety of factors, including your major, where you attend school, and when you expect to graduation.

Payment Period

60 months

You'll make monthly payments for 60 months. You can always pay off the remainder of your ISA early with Avenify's unique Progressive Payback Cap.

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