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We give you money to pay for nursing school

No credit score or cosigner required
Pay nothing until you’re earning $30,000 or more
Step one

Pre-qualify in less than 5 minutes

Start by applying for funding. We’ll ask you for some details, and you’ll receive a decision instantly after you apply.

No credit score, cosigner, or collateral? No problem. We use data like your major, school, and graduation date to assess initial eligibility.

You can apply for up to $15,000 per semester. Make sure you consider your federal loan and scholarship options before applying!

You don’t need a transcript to apply, but if you’re pre-qualified we’ll verify your enrollment with your school

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Step two

Complete your application

If you’re qualified, we’ll ask you for a bit more info to determine your final rate. It’ll only take a few minutes.

Instead of your credit score, we use your academic performance to estimate your ability to make payments. We'll connect directly with your school so you don't have to worry about getting an official copy of your transcript.

Previous loans

We'll pull your credit for more information on your existing student loans, which helps us ensure your terms are affordable, decreasing your likelihood of default or delinquency.


We'll reach out to your school to verify your enrollment and collect information on where to disburse the funds.

Step three

We’ll send you some money

Once you’re approved and accept your terms, we'll disburse your funding

Funding is disbursed to your school, so you can use it for tuition, rent, food, books, exams, or even a new laptop!

Step four

Focus on your studies, then land that dream job

You have enough to worry about already, so payments only start once you’re out of school and employed full time

With Avenify, there’s no interest that accrues while you’re in school (or ever), so you don’t have to worry about falling behind on payments

Need help finding a job? Our team’s here to help you succeed in your studies, career search, and beyond! We win when you win.

Step five

Start making payments, but only once you get a job

You’ll make 60, income-based payments, and then your obligation is fulfilled

Payments are always a percentage of your income, like, 5% of your income for 60 months

Payments are deferred, or drop to $0, if you go back to school, drop below earning $30,000 per year, or lose your job

Once you make 60 monthly payments, your obligation is over, even if you’ve paid back less than you borrowed

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